I have a NAS 110 Defender (412/500), that as you might expect has been a significant project vehicle.  Lots and lots of changes.

However, I also have a 2001 Range Rover HSE, which I am beginning to customize.  The '01 P38 was a very good year for Range Rovers.  Approaching the end of the P38 model, Land Rover had just about got it figured out - 4 wheel traction control, a much more stable EAS, and the Bosch engine management system.  As time goes on and prices continue to drop, I think we'll see a lot more trail hardening of these vehicles.

Project 1 - adding rear tire carrier, sliders, and front winch bumper.

Project 2 - dual battery box in stock battery location.

Project 3 - EAS manual mode.  Sorry, just one picture but this is an easy one...

Project 4 - Arnott Generation III Air Springs... experimenting with raising the extended ride height I knew I was pushing the envelope of the stock airsprings, culminating in me blowing an airspring clean off of the vehicle on an obstacle.  Changing the air springs was a very easy task.  You have to remove the front fenderwells, but no other disassembly is required.  I did this project while I was also changing my brakes, so I had the truck up on jackstands with all the wheels off - not necessary for this project, but makes access a lot easier.